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100% Arabica Coffee

Single Origin: Light Roast, 12 Oz. bag

Colombia Light Organic


Clean smooth flavor with a light, crisp acidity and notes of citrus, nuts, and tropical fruits.

Our Colombian Organic brings you the world-famous flavors of Colombian coffee grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We are preserving the origin’s flavors with this deliberate light roast profile, ensuring this Colombian bean performs with a smooth, creamy body, and delivers the distinctive notes of citrus, nuts, and tropical fruits.

Together we go the extra mile to support the causes we share a passion for. Your purchase helps others who are in needs. So, celebrate the good you’re doing with every cup.

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Region(s): South America

Country(s): Colombia

Elevation (MASL): 1,450 - 1,650

Cool mountain air, rich volcanic soil and ideal drainage provide the perfect environment for growing excellent coffee.

Roasting Specifications

Profile: Light Roast

First crack: 6 minutes

Roasting establishes the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee bean. The roasting process causes chemical changes as the beans are quickly brought to very high temperatures. When they reach the desired roasting profile, they are cooled rapidly to stop the process.


We ship our freshly roasted coffee on Monday and Friday each week. If your order is received by Thursday evening, it will ship on Friday; orders received by Saturday evening will ship on Monday.


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your coffee, please feel free to gift it. No need to return it. Just let us know here and we will issue you a full refund.

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