Any changes to subscriptions will take effect when the subscription renews, when your card is charged for the subscription. Based on the frequency of your pre-paid subscription.
    If you would like more immediate revisions, please contact us here, and we will gladly help you make the necessary changes. We are currently looking into improving our loyalty program to improve this experience. Thank you for being so understanding.

  • Once you have selected the log-in icon use your email and password to sign into your account

  • This will direct you to all your subscriptions

  • Slecting this button will open your subscription dashboard

  • The "items" box is where you can add and delete coffee.

    NOTE: It's a better experience if you make any additions first; then, you can delete what you no longer wish to have in your subscription.

  • Select the "Add item" button to add your desired coffees

  • Once you have made any desired additions, you will see a REMOVE button in red where you can delete any unwanted items from you subscription

  • When you have the items as you desire, remember to click the "save" button to apply your changes