• As coffee and acoustic music enthusiasts, creating a community to celebrate both seemed logical.

  • Mike

    An amateur composer, Mike has written many pieces for personal friends and events, leveraging an informal, classically-oriented education on both piano and

  • Rich

    Rich spent his early years studying music theory and woodworking and, after befriending a world-renown master luthier, found himself blessed to be taught the art and has since built many guitars, all of which have been gifted to fellow musicians.

  • Listen to Mike & Rich chat with Jason Verlinde from the Fretboard Journal

The World's Best

After tasting more coffees from around the world than we ever knew existed, we settled on a few selections to get the company up and running. Then expanded to represent the world’s best, providing a balanced selection from easy and smooth to confidently bold

Perfectly roasted

To ensure the best coffee extraction experience, we preserve the flavors of the coffee's natural origins by roasting it to exact specifications. We are careful never to over-roast the coffee. The margin between dark roasted and over-roasting is narrow, and our dark roasts are packed full of flavor.

Doing good with every cup of coffee

Acoustic Coffee Company and your coffee purchases support important music-related charities and other programs important to our signature blend partners.

Knowing we are helping others with every cup of coffee is good.

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Delighting our customers

Our mission remains to ensure each of you has a positive experience and become honest raving fans of the coffee, the rewards, and the causes we support. We are a small company with modest goals, so hearing from you and getting positive reviews go a long way to growing our community of coffee and acoustic music enthusiasts.

  • The coffee's brewing, the guitars are strumming, and we're having a great time building a community of coffee and acoustic music enthusiasts.