• Acoustic Coffee is proud, with your passion for great coffee and guitars, to support Guitars in the classroom. helping boost student engagement and learning with the power of song!

Guitars In The Classroom

Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) supports highly-engaged student learning in public schools by training, equipping and inspiring teachers and school staff to sing, play folk instruments, lead, compose and integrate music with academic instruction and social-emotional development. Our professional development courses and classroom teaching artist residencies restore music to its rightful place in childhood and society while supporting all students to approach learning more creatively through the power of song.

GITC’s ongoing after-school coursesand school-day teaching artist residenciesand boost student engagement and learning with the power of song! By training, equipping and empowering educators and specialists to become capable and confident musicians and song leaders for learning, GITC is reaching over a quarter of a million students with free integrated music in 39 states every year.

When teachers become comfortable enough to begin leading songs for learning, they report that student enthusiasm, engagement, literacy and academic skills, and social-emotional awareness improve. Eventually most also begin teaching ukulele or guitar as a part of daily learning. We are able tomake oof of this possible thanks to compassionate doners like you! Students begin strumming, singing andsongwriting together and this joyful approach to learning together often inspires an upbeat and artistic shift in school culture.

Please consider making a private donation to amplify the contributions of Acoustic Coffee Company. Our next Generation will grow with the learnings of harmony.