Acoustic Coffee is proud to partner with OneTreePlanted.Acoustic Coffee designates a percentage of every bag you purchase toward the planting of trees in the growing regions from which our coffee is sourced.

Protecting our coffee

Coffee farming depends on a healthy climate and a balanced ecosystem. From the spread of the harmful coffee rust fungus (Hemileiavastatrix) to the proliferation of the destructive coffee berry borer pest (Hypothenemushampei), long-term environmental instabilities can damage crops and threaten precious livelihoods.Acoustic Coffee is committed to maintaining ecological balance by helping to fight deforestation in the world’s coffee growing regions.

Keep our earth singing

Coffee is grown within the ‘bean belt,’ the equatorial lands between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. These also happen to be the same regions of the world that yield the most desired tone woods for building acoustic guitars. Most all luthiers today pay particular attention to how their tone woods are sourced. Responsible harvesting is imperative to sustaining the dynamic energy that every guitar yields.

We Thank You For Your Support