Episode 5

May 2022

A conversation with Greg Maxwell, luthier and teacher from Mount Vernon OH

Acoustic Coffee Company spent some time with Greg Maxwell, of Dogwood Guitars in Mount Vernon OH. Greg has been building and teaching professionally for nearly 13 years, and has embraced the data-driven approach to achieving his signature sound. In addition to custom builds and teaching the craft of luthiery, Greg runs a healthy guitar repair business.

Episode 4:

March 2022

A conversation with Robbie O'Brien, luthier and teacher from Parker CO.

Acoustic Coffee Company spent some time with Robbie O'Brien, from Parker Co. To date, Robbie has personally supervised the building of well over 600 guitars made by students in Colorado, from teenagers to retirees. Several of his students relocated to Colorado specifically to study with him. In addition to teaching the craft of luthiery, Robbie designs, builds and sells custom classical, flamenco, steel string and electric guitars.

Episode 3:

January 2022

A conversation with Michael Bashkin, a premier luthier from Fort Collins CO

Acoustic Coffee Company sat down with the renown Michael Bashkin. Michael has been building and repairing guitars from more than 25 years out of his shop in Fort Collins, CO. In Episode No. 3, Michael shares how he got started as a luthier, his perspectives about his craft and some of his favorite, and most challenging aspects of building custom guitars.

Episode 2:

November 2021

A conversation with Ed Zoladz, passionate luthier from Downingtown PA

Acoustic Coffee Company was introduced to a passionate luthier from Downingtown, PA, Ed Zoladz. In Episode No. 2, Ed shares enthusiasm with building guitars and some very helpful perspectives about how he approached the challenges as a new builder and how he overcame them. This is a great interview for anyone considering building your first guitar.

Episode 1:

August 2021

A conversation with Richard Hoover, founder of Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Acoustic Coffee Company spent some quality time talking to Richard Hoover, founder of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, about his love and passion for crafting fine acoustic guitars. Richard is one of the most wonderful people you would ever meet, and he welcomed us into his shop and shared just a few of his perspectives about his life dedicated to building something special.