There are many ways to extract excellent flavor from our signature coffees. Among them is the smooth, creamy, and delightful espresso. Extracted under high pressure, the espresso delivers a highly potent pure and undiluted shot of coffee.

Don't be misguided by marketing

Contrary to the promotional language on many bags of coffee, there is no such thing as an espresso bean. All beans used in the making of an espresso are coffee beans. And, just as importantly, there is no standard way to roast beans for making espressos. It is truly up to the consumer.

True connoisseurs enjoy exploring the various flavors of beans from different growing regions. One widely accepted truth is that the coffee should be adequately ground and pressed in the portafilter with the proper pressure to ensure a consistent shot duration of 23-25 seconds.

Explore the many possibilities

There are many resources available that explain the practice of crafting the perfect espresso or, if you prefer, pulling the perfect espresso shot to make an Americano coffee. Whatever your pleasure, many of our customers are making espressos with a variety of our coffees.

Below, you will find the coffees that our customers are enjoying to make their favorite espressos.

Give them a try and let us know what you think.