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Single Origin: Dark Roast, 12 0z. bag

Sumatra Mandheling

Deep, rich chocolate almonds, light acidity, and compassionate molasses overtones

Our Sumatra Mandheling coffee comes from the high elevations of Indonesia. Roasted to a powerful deep profile, this coffee performs confidently with a full powerful body, and delivers a delightful harmony of chocolate covered almonds, mild acidity and the very compassionate overtones of molasses.

Together we go the extra mile to support the causes we share a passion for. Your purchase helps others who are in need. So, celebrate the good you’re doing with every cup.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Peter W.
Pleasant flavor, needs more roasting

The flavor of this coffee is very pleasant. It is not overpowering or bitter. As with my review of the Kenya, I personally think that it needs more time in the roaster to be a true dark roast.

Just the Right Chord

I had been using K cups of Sumatra for years. The Sumatra Mandheling is much smoother and tastes great, fresh. Thanks, Acoustic Coffee!

Brad H.
Not my cup of tea

I was hoping for a richer, darker flavored coffee. Although I do like it I won’t be ordering this particular blend in my future orders.

Greg M.
Great coffee

I love this coffee on a cold morning, great bold flavor!

Laura Q.
I’m not a coffee expert, but I know what I like and I like this!

I got a lovely new Braville Barista Espresso Maker for Christmas and needed some high-quality coffee to mach up to the high-quality equipment. Acoustic’s Sumatra Mandheling fits their description of it. I am no expert, but even I can taste the sweetness and hints of chocolate and almond. I love it and have subscribed!