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Single Origin: Dark Roast, 12 0z. bag

Sumatra Mandheling

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Deep, rich chocolate almonds, light acidity, and compassionate molasses overtones

Our Sumatra Mandheling coffee comes from the high elevations of Indonesia. Roasted to a powerful deep profile, this coffee performs confidently with a full powerful body, and delivers a delightful harmony of chocolate covered almonds, mild acidity and the very compassionate overtones of molasses.

Together we go the extra mile to support the causes we share a passion for. Your purchase helps others who are in need. So, celebrate the good you’re doing with every cup.


Customer Reviews

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Greg M.
Great coffee

I love this coffee on a cold morning, great bold flavor!

Laura Q.
I’m not a coffee expert, but I know what I like and I like this!

I got a lovely new Braville Barista Espresso Maker for Christmas and needed some high-quality coffee to mach up to the high-quality equipment. Acoustic’s Sumatra Mandheling fits their description of it. I am no expert, but even I can taste the sweetness and hints of chocolate and almond. I love it and have subscribed!

Kevin V.
Smooth as the picks that came with my order.

The Sumatra Mandheling roast is my favorite of the varieties offered by Acoustic Coffee. It is the perfect strength without bitterness.