Acoustic Coffee is proud to partner with Jake Shimabukuro and create his Signature Blend My Dog Has Fleas™ to help advance learning through music, healing through music, and protecting the world's coral reefs.

Helping do great things together

My signature blend pays tribute to the ukulele and is named "My Dog Has Fleas™." We have included 20% Kona coffee in this unique blend, which exceeds the 10% required by law to be called a true Kona blend.

The best part goes well beyond the flavor, helping us "play it forward." Join us in our mission to advance education through music with the beautiful team at Guitars and Ukes In The Classroom to help kids heal with the power of music through the Ukulele Kids Club Inc. and clean and preserve the ocean's coral reefs with the Coral Reef Alliance.


Acoustic Coffee will contribute $1.00 for every coffee purchase in your subscription when you select this cause. So feel free to add another favorite coffee to your subscription to multiply the good we can enable.