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Single Origin: Medium Roast, 12 0z. bag

Colombian Decaf

Deep, rich flavor with a light, crisp acidity and no caffeine

Based on our original flagship coffee, this Colombian Diminished bean offers the same great flavor with none of the caffeine. Our decaf Colombian coffee will delight with pleasant notes of lemon zest, black walnut, maple syrup and a perfect finish of baker's chocolate.

Together we go the extra mile to support the causes we share a passion for. Your purchase helps others who are in needs. So, celebrate the good you’re doing with every cup.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kevin V.
All the flavor without the caffeine

I love coffee, but recently the doctor said to cut back on caffeine. So now I’m having one travel mug of caffeinated and one travel mug of decaf per day. Most decaf just tastes like dirty water, but the AC Colombian Decaf is full bodied. I don’t really feel that I’ve lost my second cup! Thanks AC!

Emily C.

Can’t even tell it’s decaf—tastes just like the regular Colombian!