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Acoustic Coffee is rated 4.9 out of 5 from 213 coffee lovers and growing every day!

Blend: Medium Roast, 12 Oz. bag

Harmonic Blend

Harmonic Blend

Deep, rich flavor with a light, but crisp acidity.

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Deep, rich flavor with a light, but crisp acidity.

Our multi-origin Harmonic Blend comes from the fertile soils of the world’s premiere coffee growing regions: Central and South America. The medium roast profile ensures this complementary blended coffee accents your day’s performance with its evenly balanced body, mild acidity and crisp clear sustain.

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Region(s): South America

Country(s): Brazil, Colombia, and Peru

Elevation (MASL): 600 - 2,000

Cool mountain air, rich volcanic soil and ideal drainage provide the perfect environment for growing excellent coffee.

Roasting Specifications

Profile: Medium Roast

First crack: 8 minutes

Roasting establishes the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee bean. The roasting process causes chemical changes as the beans are quickly brought to very high temperatures. When they reach the desired roasting profile, they are cooled rapidly to stop the process.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Richard M.
I have not refreshed my memory of the flavors yet...

Have not tried it yet… I ordered some last year and I liked it… but I need to refresh my memory…. I certainly enjoy all the blends I have tried. I like your service and your donations to worthy causes…
Blessings to you guys...

Shane J.
Harmonic Blend

I have tried several different brands over the years. After discovering Acoustic Coffee Company, I will not be going back to other brands. The Harmonic Blend is a perfect blend for me not to heavy and not to light. I am going to try others soon. I really like what Acoustic Coffee Company Supports as far as different charities and I also like the fact they are geared with Luithiers, Artists,and Enthusiasts in mind. I recommend Acoustic Coffee Company.

Emily C.
Love this blend!!

One of our favorites. Highly recommend!

Lee B.
Dang Mellow

Did not realize the coffee I have been drinking for years was so bitter. Bought the Greg Voros blend because of the charity donation. Really good, so I bought the sampler package and found the Harmonic Blend. Too good to be true! And still the donation. Can't beat this.

Howard K.
A Tasty Blend The Hits All The Notes

I have a Jura machine, and used this blend for coffee and espresso, and really enjoyed the taste.

Perfectly Roasted

To ensure the best coffee extraction experience, we preserve the flavors of the coffee's natural origins by roasting it to exact specifications. We are careful never to over-roast the coffee. The margin between dark roasted and over-roasting is narrow, and our dark roasts are packed full of flavor.

The World’s Best

After tasting more coffees from around the world than we ever knew existed, we settled on a few selections to get the company up and running. Then expanded to represent the world’s best, providing a balanced selection from easy and smooth to confidently bold